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Enemy Mind got its start in Schell Games' Jam Week 2013 as week long project headed by Mike T. Mike (not Mike T, another Mike) liked the concept and signed up to write a story. 

The game literally came to Mike T in a dream and so he was allowed to be the project director for the full project. Mike  joined that team as well and wrote an absolutely brilliant branching narrative with three endings. It was woven into the game in small pieces after each wave and level.

You can see the original game here: 

Mike (Writer) and Connor (Lead Designer) and Yotam (Designer) where strong advocates for highlighting the story. They urged for there to be a “Story Mode” or at least a way to continue after dying so that people who were drawn into the story would be able to see the whole thing, even if they didn’t have the skill to play the game through to the end.

Mike T refused to accommodate any of these requests, partially because the project timeline was very tight, but also because he was stubbornly attached to the idea of making a “hard game.” After a few years went by Mike T returned to the game, played it all the way through, and realized that the story was one of the best parts of the game. He was sad that so few people could see it and ashamed of his earlier stubbornness.

As an attempt to make things right, and as a tangible apology from Mike T to Mike, Connor, and to Yotam (who was firmly in their camp), Enemy Mind too was created. 

Created for Schell Games Jam Week 2018

I hope you like it.

Play it in your browser here


EnemyMindToo.zip 91 MB
EnemyMindToo_L.zip 108 MB

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