A downloadable Amewsment for Windows, macOS, and Linux

In a universe not unlike our own all conflicts are solved by jousting on unicycles.  Also most people are cats.

This is Meowst!

Pedal your unicycle as fast as you can and try to knock your opponent off of theirs. Three knockdowns and you win! Unless you die... then you lose. Try not to die.

Meowst was made by some of your friends at Schell Games during our annual week-long game jam. We had fun making it and we hope you have fun playing it.

**Content Warning: Cartoon Blood & Gore**

Leave us a comment and tell us what you think. 

Team Meowst:

  • Highland Rock Supporter - Di D 
  • Bezoar Analyst - Matt K
  • Animations by Chez
  • Fur Shampooist - Jun W
  • Lead Catnip Tester - Mike T 
  • Meowtiplayer - Matty D
  • Flatface courtesy of Derek H

Keybindings for the gamepad-less:

A - Left foot
D - Right foot
W - Raise Lance
S - Lower Lance
Up Arrow - Raise Shield
Down Arrow - Lower Shield
Space - UI Confirm

We now have an experimental online multiplayer build. Try it!
(and hope someone else is trying it at the same time)


meowst-win-64.zip 113 MB
meowst-osx.zip 127 MB
meowst-linux.zip 129 MB
meowst-win-32.zip 111 MB
meowst-win-64-multiplayer.zip 122 MB


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Made a video


a 32bit build, please? :P

Deleted 5 years ago

All set! :)